​Let's come enjoy walking to countryside with naturistic swimming at Playa del Muerto Beach Club with bears :)

Meet-up at the Bear Village
Wednesday 09/04/2019 at 11:30AM at the entrance of Bear Village in Sitges.
Meet-up at the stop No. 8 of Trenet Turístic (Hotel Terramar)
Wednesday 09/04/2019 at 12:15PM in front of Hotel Terramar in Sitges - you can use the train for 2,50€:
Our aim is to gather people at the entrance of the Bear Village and let them follow us to a remote location towards Vilanova by walk (with option to join us nearby Hotel Terramar).
There is, of course, possibility to swim in the Sea naked :)
You need
A towel or a blanket, suntan cream, a biiig bottle of drinking water. Good shoes are necessary, at least outdoor sandals - please don't go in flip-flops if you are not familliar with walking barefoot.
There is a bar/café at Playa del Muerto Beach Club.
~10km (there and back), slightly challenging, paved and unpaved roads, forest terrain, hilly terrain
Note: This event is intended for men only.
Leader: Pavel Růžička, tel: +420 603 416 974